The Alston Difference

Frequantly Asked Questions

What type of finish does ALSTON Flooring has?

ALSTON floors finish consists of seven (7) layers of commercially applied high-grade Acrylic Urethane.Our exclusive UV cured Anti-Scratch and Anti-Abrasive Coatings protects the planks from normal abrasion and minor scratches. We also seal the bottom of our planks with an Anti-moisture coating which helps to protect the boards from ground moisture.

Does my floor changes color?

Like fine wine, all wood will age(darken) over time.The special UV cured finishes we use are hard and durable but it IS sensitive to UV Rays. Prolong exposure to sunlight will slightly discolor the floor.

Do you offer Aluminum Oxide Finishes on your flooring?

Yes, with our exclusive Anti-Scratch and Anti-Abrasive coatings, we offer a very hard mixture of Aluminum Oxide finishes on our products.Our exclusive coatings can better protect your floor from normal wear and tear.Because of that we are able to offer a 15/25 year finish wear warranty* for our products.Eventually the floor will need to be screened and re-coated, or sanded and re-finished.With our Aluminum Oxide and our exclusive Anti-Scratch and Anti-Abrasive coatings, the time between your next sanding will be greatly extended and this will save you money.

What type of Cleaner should I use on my floor?

Cleaning your floor is easy.Any type of good urethane finish wood cleaner is acceptable from your local Home Improvement Centers.Never use any wax or cleaner that must be mixed with water such as oil soap, lemon oil, sprays, liquid wax as this will damage the coatings and result in the loss of warranty.Please follow the manufacturers instructions.

What should NOT be used on pre-finished floors?

Water, wax, furniture polish and any other cleaner with wax in it.

Can ALSTON Floor be sanded?

Yes!Sanding and refinishing wood floor has been a long practiced tradition.In fact, our premium 1/2 inch engineered products are manufactured with one of the thickest top wear layer on the market today.It can probably be sanded and refinished as many as four times.Our 3/4 inch solid product can be sanded and refinished many times depending on the depth of the damages, and the contractor that is sanding the floor.

What do you mean by Glue down and Nailed down?

Glue down and nailed down are methods used to install wood flooring. Glue down is the act of using flooring adhesive to glue the flooring to the sub-floor, used mainly for installations over concrete slabs.Only engineered materials can be glued down.Engineered floor can also be staple down or both glued and nailed to wood sub floors. All of our solid materials require the floor to be nailed down to the sub-floor using flooring nails (not staples).

Do you have reducers or other mouldings?

Yes we do, we currently carry Reducers, Quarter Round Mouldings, Stair Noising, T-mouldings, Base Boards and End-Cap Moulding in matching species for your flooring.

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