The Alston Difference

Janka Hardness Test

JANKA Hardness Test

What is the Janka hardness test? Well, we don't know who Janka was or is, but our best guess is that Janka was a scientist who came up with a very simple procedure, a test if you will, to readily determine:

The amount of pressure in pounds per square foot that is required to imbed a steel ball 50% of it's diameter into a piece of lumber.

Now the hardness of the species itself is ONE indicator of how the flooring will perform over time and how happy the client will. However, equally important as the hardness of the species of wood to resisting impact dents, gouging, and overall wear, is the hardness of the finish itself. ALSTON Floor compares more than favorably with other manufacturers on the "Taber" abrasion test. Our 12-coats UV-cured "Aluminum Oxide" and our exclusive "Anti- Scratch" and "Anti-Abrasive" finishes did not fail even at 5,000 cycles on the Taber Machine.

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