Proper procedure must be taken PRIOR to installation. Please follow these instructions.

The England Collection StoneCore-X SPC installation Instructions.

StoneCore-X Rigidwood Installation guidelines.

WPC Installation guidelines.

Complete instruction of installing Alston Hardwood Flooring via Glue Down Method.

Guide line for Staple down or Nail Down Installation via 18 Gauge nails/staples.

Yes, our patented flooring can also be floated. Here is how.

Flooring over Radiant Heat System are tricky,  However, with our special patented 2ply construction, you can install our products over radiant, however, you must follow these instructions.

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Established in 1996, ALSTON INC. is the Manufacture, Importer and Distributor of ALSTON Brand products.  Headquartered in Los Angeles , USA.  Our product line includes premium Floor covering and Hand Crafted wood Carving decorative materials .  We are committed to quality, customer satisfaction and the environment.



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