Lagoon Oak

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Green Product


     The color of our Lagoon Oak is a slight textured wire brushed,  light  color flooring with certain natural undertone.  This smoked and fumed hardwood floor has a 4mm thick SAWN top wear layer with occasional swirls and burls in the grains.  This product can be sanded and refinished multiple times due to its very thick wear layer.

Available Size:

  • 9/16" x 7" x Random Lengths up to 7'   (Approx. 23.8 sqft/box)

Finishes and Coatings:
     Our high quality Nano-technology finishing process incorporate up to 13 layers of special blends of durable Aluminum Oxide based Urethane finishes infused with our exclusive “Anti-Scratch”   “Anti-Abrasive” top coats to provide your floors with maximum protections against daily usages.


     Approx. 1360.  Oak is a very hard specie with strong, dense wood fiber and offers excellent shock resistance.

*Wood is a product of nature. The color variation in the sample images/photos may differ from the actual flooring.  Janka hardness is not exact and is for general reference only.

4mm SAWN Veneer

We only source the best raw materials from reliable and environmental responsible suppliers.

This product is manufactured with FSC certified materials and also according to the highest CARB standard with No-Added Formaldehyde (CARB NAF is safer than CARB Phase II) and is Lacey Act Compliant. Not only do we use FORMALDEHYDE FREE adhesive during our manufacturing process, but our unique patented 2-ply construction method uses up to 90% less glues in our flooring when compared to other multi-layer plywood backing flooring on the market.  Unlike other so-called "Environmental Friendly" products on the market which consumers have no idea which factories made the actual product.  Our Chain of Custody is never broken due to our vertically integrated process, our verifiable Green Floor is truly Green and our product qualifies for Green LEED points and it is also exempted from the recent National EPA TSCA Title VI due to our patented construction methods and green manufacturing process.


This beautiful floor has a thick 4mm SAWN wear layer with occasional swirls and burls in the grains. Boards will have the natural variation in color, tone, and grain. Natural wood characteristics such as knots, mineral streaks, and some man-made filler marks are to be expected in this product. This product is offered in 7" width and have boards unto 7' in length.

Matching  Moulding

Color-Matching Stains

Our mouldings are made in the same factory as our flooring products with the same wood species,  the same colors and the same finishes to match our flooring.  We even carry matching stair treads to finish your job beautifully.

ALSTON provides water based matching color stains directly from our Factory to ensure a perfect match when touch up will be needed in case of any accidental scratches.

Heat Sensors for Radiant-Heat Floor

Our Patented 2-ply Hybrid flooring can be installed over radiant heat system when proper installation procedures are followed. The use of heat sensors are required to ensure a trouble free installation.

Flooring Adhesives

ALSTON recommends using quality urethane based wood flooring adhesives for the proper installation. Our All-in-One adhesive is green, zero VOC and is made in USA.

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